About Us

Our Story

We went from a typical lifestyle to being a full time RV’er almost overnight. A dear friend started talking about her desire to leave it all behind and travel.  That was all it took to get us to thinking and talking about what that would be like.

The more we thought about traveling and adventure the stronger the desire was to just do it.  Within a span of a couple of months we made the decision to go for it.  One of us was retired and the other soon to be, so we decided to make that the date to work towards.

Six months later we were both retired. By then we had purchased the travel trailer, painted and sold our condo, sold and gave away furniture, distributed or disposed of our other household items.  The first day of that retirement we started our journey.  There has been  no regret to this decision although we do miss being around family.  At least we have facetime, messaging and Facebook to keep us somewhat in the loop.

Meet the Travelers

DD or Debbie

The rock.  Truly the person around whom the world revolves.




The dude.  Quiet with the patience of Job.


Zippy, Zack and Zoe

The dogs. Alarm clock, Pains, Exercise, Mess makers


Nick and Nora

The Rig, RV