Welcome to our Site.

This site was created to give you a glimpse of the sights we have seen as we travel around this great country.

We travel with our dogs; Zack, Zippy and Zoe.  Nick and Nora deserve a lot of credit for keeping us on the road and feeling at home wherever we may roam. We have set out on an adventure with our eyes wide open.  We discovered it was even more amazing than we imagined it could be.

Who are Nick and Nora?

Nick is our Truck and Nora is our home on wheels.  Both have been replaced with bigger and better versions but the name remains the same.  First Nick was an SUV and Nora was a pull behind travel trailer.  Now the team is a diesel truck and a fifth wheel.

We changed our “Rig” to better suit our RV’ing style and comfort desires.  Anyone RV’ing full time will tell you there is no set template that works for everyone.  You find out what type of Rig you need as you discover what type of RV’er you really are.